• Essentials            Rp. 847.000   

Daily vitamin and mineral supplements for adults

  •  Chelated Mineral  This formula provides minerals in the right amounts for  optimal cellular performance. read more
  • Mega Antioxidant  Supplies precisely balanced levels of high-quality, highly bio-available vitamins and antioxidants that work together to protect your health read more
  • Usanimals         Rp 330.000

Daily vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant supplement for children ages 24 months -12 years. They will love the fun animal shapes stamped on round easy-to-eat chewable tablets, with a great Wild Berry flavor. Free of artificial flavors and sweeteners, that will keep the parents happy too! read more

  • Proflavanol C      Rp 764.000

Provides a powerful combination of grape seed bioflavonoids and vitamin C blend for excellent antioxidant defense and support for healthy circulation, normal immune function, healthy skin, and more  read more

  • CoQuinone 30       Rp 775.000

Co-enzyme Q10 (CoQ10) Provides antioxidant protection read more

  • BiOmega            Rp 415.000

Contains EPA/DHA omega-3 fatty acids to support the maintenance of good health read more

  • Visionex           Rp 494.000

Help maintain long-term eye health and support visual performance read more

  • Active Calcium     Rp 374.000

It is more than just calcium—it is a carefully formulated bone health supplement (Vitamin D, Vitamin K, Magnesium….)  read more

  • CalMag Chewable    Rp 471.000

Bone health supplement Active Calcium in a chewable form read more

  • Procosa            Rp 484.000

Helps maintain and protect joint health with a unique blend of vegetarian glucosamine, vitamin C, and Meriva read more

  • Hepasil DTX        Rp 624.000

Helps support the liver by stimulating liver enzymes  read more