Coquinone 30

When we’re young, our bodies store or produce ample amounts of coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), which is used by the hundreds of mitochondria in each and every cell to generate adenosine triphosphate (ATP)—the form of energy cells use to function. As we age, the amount of CoQ10 that we absorb or produce naturally declines. In addition, CoQ10 may be depleted by several other factors, including overall nutritional status and inadequate levels of the B vitamins, vitamin C, and selenium. A high-quality, bioavailable CoQ10 supplement, such as CoQuinone 30, can help replenish our cells’ stores of CoQ10, and help hardworking cells, such as those in the heart, stay healthy.

CoQuinone 30 also provides antioxidant protection. A byproduct of energy production in the mitochondria is the formation of damaging free radicals. Nature has designed a molecule in CoQ10 that is remarkable because it not only assists in ATP production, it also works in concert with other antioxidants to clean up the free radicals that are produced during that process and protect against their damaging effects.

In addition, CoQ10 helps regenerate and recycle vitamin E.

This unique supplement combines a well-absorbed form of CoQ10 with alpha-lipoic acid for maximum benefits. A key nutrient involved in converting glucose into energy, alpha-lipoic acid plays many roles in the body and is especially beneficial because it acts like a super antioxidant, going to work both inside the cell and in the outer cell membrane to fight off free radicals. It also assists cells in recycling CoQ10 after it has oxidized to provide even more defense against damaging oxidative stress.

The energy that every cell needs to function is produced through a complex process in the mitochondria, which are organelles within the cell. Within the mitochondria, cells store energy in a molecule called ATP, which is synthesized and used by every cell in the body. CoQ10 is an essential part of the electron transport chain the mitochondria use to make ATP. CoQuinone 30 dietary supplement was developed to deliver high-quality, highly bioavailable CoQ10 to the cells to support the production of ATP.

Cells with the highest energy demands, such as in the heart, have the highest levels of CoQ10, which has been studied for years in the United States, Europe, and Japan for its role in producing cellular energy for the heart and other muscles. Several human clinical trials demonstrate CoQ10’s effectiveness in maintenance of good heart function.