History of Pilates

German-born fitness innovator Joseph H. Pilates (1880-1967) developed the Pilates exercise system in the 1920s. His interest in physical fitness started from his obsession about the perfect body to improve his health after a sickly childhood. With a background in yoga, a success gymnast, diver and boxer, he created a unique sequence of movements that worked the mind and muscle in harmony. The result was a system of exercises he called “Contrology”, describing the philosophical approach to his exercise.

Initially the exercise system was used as a rehabilitation program for wounded English soldiers during World War I. To assist them, Joseph Pilates removed their hospital beds and developed techniques among others, using spring to increase their range of motion.  It was from these crude devises that he developed the equipment still used today.

After the war Joseph Pilates moved to New York. With his wife Clara, he opened up a studio in New York in 1926. More than 20 years of self-study and apprenticeship he modified, developed and adopted the exercises. The method was kept alive over the years by his devoted students. Some of them began opening studios of their own, making subtle adaptation to the method. So the modern day of Pilates method was born.


Why Perfect 10 Pilates?

All Instructors at Perfect 10 Pilates have the essential element of qualified and well-experienced ones. They are all internationally certified and competently trained from BASI, Fletcher, Stott and Polestar. You will feel and enjoy the process of learning Pilates from our comprehensive, professional instructors, who will teach Pilates patiently and in detail.

Clients are encouraged to do Pilates recruiting their internal support system: the transverse abdominus, pelvic floor, diaphragm and the multifidus throughout the session. The focus is on quality of movement rather than quantity

With fully equipped studio and in an environment that stimulates the mind-body connection, Perfect 10 Pilates Instructors transfer the workout focusing on quality of the movement rather than quantity, based on the 10 perfect movement principles of

awareness, breathing, balance, control, centering,
concentration, efficient, flowing, precision, harmony.

Pilates encourages you to think about how you perform everyday movements. It heightens your body awareness which in turn improves your overall agility, flexibility and strength. It helps you ensure your body is working at its optimal level all the time.

Recommended by medical specialists for those with back problem, we help clients to provide support for the spine into correct spinal alignment with deep core muscle recruitment.

The target is the strength from inside out, essential for care and prevention of back pain, the rehabilitation of many musculoskeletal problems, improvement of athletic and physical performance. Improving your posture, achieving balance between strength and flexibility, your body will become longer, leaner and more toned…you will have a perfect body…